10 Big Benefits Of Yoga At Your Continuing Care Retirement Community In Bradenton

Here at Westminster Point Pleasant’s continuing care retirement community in Bradenton, you’ll discover that there is no shortage of ways to embrace both physical and mental fitness — whether you’re strolling about our beautiful grounds, working out at the fitness center, or enjoying a restorative swim. And one of our favorite ways to take care of both your mind and body? Yoga!

Yoga can be a hugely beneficial practice for people of all ages, but it’s a particularly wonderful choice for older adults who want to take positive steps toward a thriving, independent lifestyle they can feel good about. The benefits are countless — but we’re counting out ten below.


One of the most popular perks of yoga is, of course, the ability to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. And it’s not just in your head! As Harvard Health notes, when done correctly, the practice of yoga can prompt the “relaxation response,” which includes lowered blood pressure and a better breathing rate. Many benefits linger beyond the actual yoga session, too, such as better sleep and improved mental health.


Harvard Health also reports that the mindfulness you gain from yoga appears in other areas, too, such as making nutritious food choices.

Brain Changes

A 2021 study featured in the National Library of Medicine found that regular yoga practice was associated with physical changes in parts of the brain “implicated in aging-related cognitive decline.” For those who want to keep their mind as sharp as possible, it seems that yoga can make an anatomical difference!

Better Balance

Learning to master a yoga pose requires you to build up your balance, which can help you throughout your daily life and activities.

Heart Health

Harvard Health notes that studies have linked yoga to cardiovascular benefits — so it’s safe to say that your heart will thank you for taking up this meaningful practice! 

Making Social Connections

Yoga works great as a solo routine — but if you take part in a group class, or meet up with friends to practice outdoors, it has a way of bringing people together.

An Adaptable Part Of Your Fitness Regimen

Yoga can be adapted to suit different ability levels, which makes it more accessible than many other fitness activities! For example, if you need a chair, you can absolutely adapt popular poses to meet that need with the help of an instructor.

It’s Easy To Get Started

You don’t need much equipment to get started with yoga! Yes, a colorful mat or yoga-ready wardrobe is great — but really, this practice requires very little of its participants beyond an open mind and willingness to learn.

Lifelong Learning

Here at Westminster Point Pleasant, we’re passionate about lifelong learning — and while that might typically mean learning about educational subject in a formal setting, it applies just as well to poses and concepts you learn in a group yoga class! Plus, this is a practice that dates back to ancient times — giving you a natural outlet to learn about culture and history, too.

The Power Of A Good Routine

Whether you’ve just moved into Westminster Point Pleasant or are looking for ways to ease back into your preferred lifestyle after a moment of transition, yoga can help you set a routine you feel good about — which is helpful for people of all ages!

Now that you’re more familiar with the many benefits of yoga, consult with your care team and consider trying it for yourself here at Westminster Point Pleasant! We can’t wait to see where this amazing practice takes you.

Celebrating The Planet At Your Life Plan Community In Bradenton, FL

Even though Earth Day only happens once a year, who says the planet love has to stop after April 22? Here at Westminster Point Pleasant’s life plan community in Bradenton, FL, we’re privileged to have a front-row seat to the majesty of nature — the sparkling waterways, the lush greenery, the proximity to sugar-sand beaches and vibrant mangrove escapes without ever venturing far from home. And that’s not even to mention the wildlife that abounds — the abundance of gorgeous seabirds that graze the surface, the intelligent marine mammals that swim below it.

Then the weather — oh, the weather! Our slice of the Sunshine State is blessed with lots of, well, sunshine — but even when it takes a turn for rain or storms, the colorful skies and cloud formations that appear in their wake looks unlike anything else in the entire country.

Suffice to say, we’re proud to call Bradenton “home,” and want to help our residents find special ways to celebrate the planet — and our corner of it — all year long. Just read on for some of our favorite ideas!

Go Swimming

The Earth is nicknamed “The Blue Planet” thanks to its abundance of H2O. In fact, nearly 75% of the planet is covered with it! So perhaps it’s not surprising that floating in refreshing water — like one of Westminster Point Pleasant’s two swimming pools — can help you feel connected to the planet in a meaningful way.

Explore The Great Outdoors

In addition to going swimming, there are many ways for Westminster Point Pleasant residents to get out and explore the great outdoors — such as strolling through the community, having a breezy picnic with our grab-and-go fare, enjoying a bike ride, and so much more.

Take Part In A Local Community Beautification Project

From local trash pickup events, to waterway cleanups, to mural painting projects, there’s always something going on for those who want to donate their time to the beautiful community (and, on a larger scale, planet) they call “home.” These events don’t just help you care for the planet, but also help you connect with likeminded neighbors and have some fun I the process!

Plant A Tree Virtually

Westminster Point Pleasant is proud to be a maintenance-free community — but that shouldn’t have to stop you from planting a tree to do the planet some good! Opportunities such as the United States Department of Agriculture’s Plant-a-Tree program give you a way to donate a tree to be planted somewhere special — and in fact, you can even dedicate it to someone special.

Look For Sustainable Activities

From recycling to composting, there’s no shortage of meaningful ways to practice sustainability in your everyday life. ‘Tis the season of spring cleaning, after all — so if you have excess clutter to go through, this can be a great time to make donations to loved ones or embark upon a repurposing project (such as turning old t-shirt into a meaningful quilt). Small acts of sustainability add up, and can help you show the planet some love from the comfort of home!

Learn About The Planet We Call “Home”

Here at Westminster Point Pleasant, we offer educational opportunities via the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy — so if you want to learn more about our one-of-a-kind planet, this is the place to do it! You can also get some extracurricular studying done at our library and computer center, where the pursuit of knowledge is more attainable than ever. After all, there’s nothing quite like understanding our planet to help you appreciate it even more!

We hope that today’s ideas help you find new ways to fall in love with the planet every day! Of course, from our vantage point here at stunning Bradenton, that’s not hard to do. Plus, research shows that spending time in the outdoors is linked to a host of benefits for your mind and body — so heading outside and helping the planet is helping you, too!

We celebrated 70 years of serving older adults and the founding of Westminster Communities of Florida with a special ceremony in Bradenton

Residents, team members and Bradenton civic leaders mark occasion with special ceremony and outdoor carnival celebration

BRADENTON, April 5, 2024 – With an outdoor carnival and a special proclamation from Bradenton Mayor Gene Brown, Westminster Communities of Florida celebrated its 70th anniversary of serving older adults with roots in the founding of Westminster Manor in 1954.

The organization, first established as a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) as Presbyterian Homes of the Synod of Florida, began its service when the Life Plan Community today known as Westminster Manor opened in 1961. Westminster Communities of Florida today has 23 communities spanning the state of Florida, serving more than 7,000 residents with 2,300 team members.

Terry Carr, Executive Director of Westminster Manor and Westminster Point Pleasant, thanked the attendees at the special ceremony with a word of welcome. “Thank you to all of those who will be celebrating today, and thank you all very much today for being a part of our first 70 years,” Carr said.

“This year will be a special year,” said Chief Executive Officer Terry Rogers in celebration of the anniversary. “I think every year is special here at Westminster, and I am so happy that we are starting our celebration here in Bradenton where it all began.”

Brown brought a commemorative copy of a proclamation congratulating Westminster Communities of Florida for the occasion. “We are still a small town here in Bradenton,” Brown said, “and we wouldn’t have… what the Presbyterian Church saw and started in our community without that sense of pride and longevity.”

The City of Bradenton’s proclamation read, in closing, “Now therefore it be resolved, as the Mayor of the City of Bradenton, I do hereby proclaim April 4, 2024, as Westminster Communities of Florida’s 70th anniversary… and encourage all citizens to congratulate them on 70 years of serving older adults in Bradenton.”

One resident, Patti MacKay, had a personal connection that she shared as part of the presentation: Her mother, Jeanne Oliver, attended the ground-breaking for Westminster Manor and later lived there as a resident. “I’ve shared Mom’s story, and our story. But what I want to end with today is YOUR story,” MacKay said. “Today is just another chapter!”

Attendees also enjoyed congratulatory remarks from Jacki Dezelski from the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, who celebrated the organization’s 350 team members in Bradenton; Sharon Barhorst from Bradenton Kiwanis; and Ruth Anne Rood representing the Bradenton Tropical Palms, a neighbor of Westminster Manor.

Following the ceremony at Westminster Manor in the morning, residents, team members, and civic members attended an outdoor carnival in the afternoon at Westminster Point Pleasant. The afternoon featured highlights like a “Jeopardy!”-style game with trivia about Westminster, a photo slideshow highlighting the last 70 years of history, and live outdoor entertainment by The Boomers, a local music act.

Senior Chaplain Dino Silvestrini opened the afternoon’s event with a special invocation, which closed with: “Today, we pray for the next chapter of our story. May our commitment to serve from the heart remain unshakeable. May our innovations continue to break barriers… May our legacy echo through generations, a testament to Your grace and our commitment to inspiring older adults to enjoy happy, healthy and purposeful lives.”

Westminster Communities of Florida, the state’s largest not-for-profit provider of active senior living, emphasizes whole-person wellbeing for its older adult residents. With communities in Bradenton, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Orlando, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and Winter Park, the organization serves more than 7,000 residents statewide with a lifestyle featuring active living, wellness and lifelong learning.

How Pool Time Enhances Your Life Plan Community In Bradenton, FL

Spring is swimming season! Well, technically, every season is swimming season here in the Sunshine State — but the return of longer, sun-soaked days means there are even more opportunities to enjoy the classic pastime of swimming from the comfort of Westminster Point Pleasant’s life plan community in Bradenton, FL.

 Here in our cozy corner of Florida’s Gulf Coast, you’ll find not one but two heated outdoor pools to choose from, each with a beautiful backdrop that’s sure to inspire a relaxing splash session. Ever since we were kids, pool days have been fun — but did you know they boast several serious mind-and-body benefits, too? Just read on as we share a few pool perks to keep in mind during your spring and summer swims! Exercise For All We think that fun and fitness should go hand in hand — and the pool just so happens to be a perfect example of this. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy some exercise here when the exercise feels, well, like play? That’s the thing about swimming for fitness: It’s much easier on the joints and muscles than other workouts tend to be, making it a more accessible form of fitness — even for people with arthritis, according to the CDC! Swimming is a great form of aerobic activity that promotes lasting benefits, well after you’ve dried off and returned home. A Boost To Bone Health The CDC adds that post-menopausal women can improve or maintain their bone health by swimming! Protection Against Chronic Illness Doing an aerobic activity like swimming for 2.5 hours a week can lessen the risk of chronic illness, according to the CDC. Don’t Forget Mental Health While we’ve largely been focusing on the physical benefits of a good swim session, we’d be remiss not to mention the mental ones as well! Exposure to blue spaces, like a beautiful body of water, has been shown to promote a positive mood and less stress — which probably isn’t too surprising for anyone who’s ever spent time at their local pool. The CDC adds that swimming can reduce anxiety, and warm-water exercise therapy, specifically, can be a real mood-booster. Pool Pals Of course, one of the biggest benefits of spending time at the pool is the people! The pool provides a cool, refreshing backdrop to catching up with friends or meeting new ones. Yes, you can absolutely do your laps and enjoy a swim session on your own — but if you’re a social butterfly, then don’t stop at the butterfly stroke! Gather at the pool on a regular basis, or simply show up and say “hi” to your fellow swimmers. Any way you do it, it’s clear that a trip to the pool can recharge your social battery in a meaningful way. An afternoon at the pool may seem like a just-for-fun activity — but as today’s guide proves, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface as well! We hope that these pool perks inspire you to visit one of Westminster Point Pleasant’s stunning swimming pools today.

Why You Should Eat The Rainbow At Your Continuing Care Retirement Community In Bradenton, FL

Nutrition is an important part of anyone’s life — especially as we age and want to keep feeling and operating our best for years to come! Here at Westminster Point Pleasant, your trusted continuing care retirement community in Bradenton, FL, we prioritize nutrition as one of the eight pillars of our My W Life wellness program.

We’re always on hand to help you guide your nutritional goals — but if you want a head-start, here’s a handy rule of thumb: Eat the rainbow!

Yes, as it turns out, eating a variety of colors throughout your meals — from vibrant red strawberries and tomatoes, to deep purple plums and eggplants, and every shade in between — can help you maximize your diet with diverse, delicious nutrients. Wondering how? Just read on to learn more about the myriad benefits of eating the rainbow!

Feel-Good Phytonutrients

All fruit and veggies have various health benefits to feel good about — but did you know that the beautiful colors of produce each represent different properties?

According to Harvard Health, red means lycopene: a carotenoid that protects your cells and tissues from free radicals. That means tomatoes, red onions, watermelon, raspberries… the list goes on and on!

Meanwhile, the cryptothanxin in orange and yellow foods can promote heart health; greens work against cancer-causing compounds; and blues and purples are packed with antioxidants that slow your cells from aging. And, yes, even white and brown produce (think onions, garlic, and mushrooms) have their unique perks.

Reach Your Weekly 30

According to the American Gut Study, people who eat more than 30 or more plant foods a week have a more diverse microbiome — which helps promote overall health and immunity! This number may seem daunting at first, but that’s where eating the rainbow may be able to help — turning the “weekly challenge” into a colorful game instead of a chore to check off your list. After all, it’s a lot easier to reach 30 plant sources when you’re incorporating foods from every color of the rainbow. (And even if you don’t reach 30 exactly, you’ll still get really close. Hey, nutrition is not an all-or-nothing game!)

Find A New Favorite

Ultimately, eating the rainbow encourages you to be a more curious eater — which is a fundamental part of being a foodie! It’s so easy for us to get caught up in busy, fun-filled days that we tend to reach for familiar favorites instead of branching out and trying something new. But by mindfully eating the rainbow, you might find yourself discovering new flavors and entire color groups you never thought about too much before — making new meal memories in the process. Fortunately, Westminster Point Pleasant’s on-site dining opportunities make it easy to try new fruits and veggies with ease.

Craving something colorful? Whether you dine in with Westminster Point Pleasant for restaurant-style breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or put together a vibrant spread of your own, eating the rainbow helps promote feel-good health in more ways than one. Not to mention — it’s delicious! We hope that today’s guide helps you maximize your nutrition one cheery hue at a time.

Achieve Year-Round Vacation Vibes While Assisted Living In Bradenton, Florida

In our charming little slice of the Sunshine State, the idea of “golden years” takes on a totally new meaning. It’s about more than sunny days and balmy nights (and we do love those!) but a unique opportunity to live every day with the zest and spirit of a long, fun-filled vacation. Here at Westminster Point Pleasant’s independent and assisted living facility in Bradenton, Florida, you’ll find that every detail of our community was designed to emulate the feel of a deluxe getaway.

While we’ve supplied the backdrop to your endless “staycation,” you bring the imagination! Just read on as we explore some fun ways to enjoy year-round vacation vibes at Westminster Point Pleasant, this spring and all year long.

Waterfront Walks

The sound of the waves and the sight of the sunrise provide a peaceful start to your day — not unlike a serene holiday morning! It’s also a great way to stay active and engage with nature, getting your day off to an energetic start.

Pool Fun

At Westminster Point Pleasant, you can enjoy some quality H2O time at our two heated outdoor pools. Bring a good book, do some reinvigorating aerobic exercises, or simply enjoy the tranquility of floating in the water! This splashing heart of the community is a natural place to gather and lean into getaway mode.

Grab A Bite Al Fresco

We have two gorgeous waterfront dining venues, so you can always enjoy the carefree spirit of a breezy vacation meal!

You can also visit a local farmers market or prepare a bright, refreshing meal in your own kitchen and enjoy it as a picnic — another vacation staple.

Broaden Your Horizons

In addition to taking a scenic stroll around Westminster Point Pleasant, you can always take a day trip to local attractions. Our corner of Florida is home to numerous parks and trails that invite exploration, with several options depending on your preferred activity level. Get to know the Gulf Coast region at a leisurely pace — because unlike a traditional vacation, there’s no plane to catch or bags to pack. You’re already home!

Get Artsy

Florida’s rich cultural scene offers endless opportunities for exploration. You can visit local museums, and art galleries — but you can also lean into your artsy side right at home, finding inspiration in the beautiful hues of our coastal community.

Write Your Story

Living like you’re on vacation includes piecing together special memories from your travels — so why not do the same at home? Start a journal or blog to document your adventures, thoughts, and experiences. You can share it, or keep it just for you. Either way, writing can be a therapeutic activity that allows you to reflect on the beauty of your daily life!

Day Trips

There’s a lot of Florida to see! Organize outings with friends or family to explore new areas you’ve never been before. Visit historical sites, take a boat tour, or explore a new neighborhood. These mini-adventures can break up your routine and infuse your life with a sense of vacation-like excitement.

DIY Spa Session

You can create a spa-esque experience in your own home with facials, a DIY sound bath, and other grounding techniques! A personal pamper session can have restorative ripple effects you’ll feel in the days and weeks that follow.

A Relaxing Routine

Need some help adopting a truly vacation-ready mindset? Try adding yoga or meditation into your daily routine! Whether you do this through a fitness class or at-home practice to start the day, this can help you maintain flexibility, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity — similar to how you feel after returning from a rejuvenating getaway.

Lifelong Learning

When we were kids, “vacation” usually meant a break from the books. But now, we know that learning for learning’s sake is itself a privilege worth relishing on vacation! Whether you bring a book to read outside, or enroll in a course at the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy, you’ll be doing something meaningful for your mental wellbeing — not to mention fun!

Like the best vacation, there’s no rulebook on how to spend your day at Westminster Point Pleasant! This spring and all year long, we hope these ideas help fuel the fun as you explore your one-of-a-kind community.

Daylight Saving Has Arrived At Your Bradenton Assisted Living Facility

Spring is here — and so is another time change! It feels like just yesterday we were “falling back.” But Daylight Saving Time (DST) officially returns on March 10, ushering in longer evenings and the promise of a sunny, fun-filled spring. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to switch up your routine in a meaningful way, well, this is it!

Of course, this time change can take some acclimating as our bodies adjust to the new schedule. But don’t worry! To help you enjoy the transition at our Bradenton assisted living facility, we here at Westminster Point Pleasant have put together a brief guide that should help you embrace the change seamlessly — and with room for fun along the way.

Extend Your Outdoor Fun

Westminster Point Pleasant is home to no shortage of stunning outdoor spaces right in your very own backyard — from the pool, to waterfront dining, to the gorgeous courtyard! So sure, DST might be a little disorienting on those first few days, but you can lean into the outdoor fun to make up for it and recalibrate your daylight hours. It’s actually a great time to establish a new routine, such as a pre-dinner walk around the grounds or meeting up with friends to cap off your day.

Refresh Your Routine

Speaking of new routines, you can use this time to tweak your internal clock. You might do this by gradually adjusting your sleep schedule in small increments, so the change of an hour isn’t quite as jarring.

Learn Something New

Wondering how to fill your evenings with an extra hour? Another great option is to learn something new with that extra sunlight — perhaps through local classes or something you can learn right at home, like a new hobby! This isn’t just a fun way to celebrate your extra hour, but can help stimulate your mind and foster new connections with people who also do that activity.

Speaking of which, don’t underestimate the power of a virtual book club with friends or family members who don’t live nearby!

Home Safety Check

A practical task, but a worthwhile one! Now is a good time to assess the lighting situation inside your home. Check that all your lamps and lights are easily accessible, so that you can navigate them even during darker mornings.

Breathe New Life Into Your Living Space

DST falls at the same time as spring cleaning, so why not use that extra hour of daylight to illuminate your next household project? A clean, organized environment can have a positive impact on your mood and overall wellbeing, so it doesn’t hurt to sort through your closet or re-order your bookshelf on a quiet spring night.

Start Journaling

DST is also a good time to start a new healthy habit, like mindful journaling. If you’re looking for a soothing way to end your day — or a thoughtful way to start it — pick up a notebook and write about what you’re grateful for, or what you’re looking forward to! Whatever you write, you’ll benefit from the introspective practice well beyond DST.

These are but a few of the great ways to spend long, sunny days at your Westminster Point Pleasant home — but really, the sky’s the limit when you have access to so many community activities and attractions, from nature-filled walking paths to lively group fitness classes. Whatever you choose, we hope that today’s ideas help you “spring” into a new, fun-filled routine from the comfort of your very own backyard!

Planning for the Future: Why a Bradenton CCRC Makes Sense

As we enter our retirement years, most of us find ourselves thinking more about the future than ever before. We consider not only how we will spend this exciting new chapter, but also how we can protect both our health and financial security during our golden years. This is why many Florida retirees and those planning ahead choose to call Westminster Point Pleasant home.

As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) located right here in beautiful Bradenton, we offer residents the opportunity to live comfortably and independently now, while safeguarding access to higher levels of care should they ever need it. With a focus on wellness, choice, and convenience, Westminster provides everything needed to make our residents’ futures bright.

The Value of Continuing Care

The first reason Bradenton seniors may find a CCRC like Westminster Point Pleasant appealing is the unmatched value of continuing care. Unlike other types of senior living, CCRCs allow you to secure access to a full continuum of care for the rest of your life with just one contract. This can provide invaluable peace of mind.

Within our welcoming community, you can choose from various residential living options based on your current lifestyle and budget. And if your needs change over time due to chronic illness or injury, you will have priority access to assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing services located right on our campus. You do not need to worry about being asked to move again.

This model protects you from unexpected healthcare costs down the road. By paying one upfront entrance fee and predictable monthly fees, you can calculate expenses accurately and gain financial safeguards. With continuing care at Westminster Point Pleasant, everything required for a secure future is handled for you.

Staying Active in Florida

Another reason our Bradenton continuing care retirement community stands apart is our focus on healthy living. We want our residents to make the most out of their retirement by staying active, engaged, and well – something the Florida lifestyle supports beautifully.

Our community was designed with wellness in mind, complete with a fitness center, two swimming pools, Health Resource Center, and more. We offer fitness classes for all levels and abilities, nutritional guidance and education, and convenient on-site healthcare when needed. Our residents consistently share how involved and energized they feel living at Westminster Point Pleasant.

We also understand how vital a rich social life is as we get older. Our community brings people together through events ranging from guest lectures to parties to day trips showcasing this fantastic region we call home. With so many ways to pursue your passions and interact with your peers right outside your door, you will never find yourself bored or lonely when living at our CCRC.

Customizable Living Spaces

What also attracts local seniors to our Bradenton continuing care retirement community are the customizable living spaces built for convenience and comfort. Our residences were thoughtfully laid out to make daily living effortless while remaining highly personalized.

In our apartment buildings, choose from a variety of one and two-bedroom floor plans featuring ample living areas. Thoughtful security features offer an extra level of safety and confidence within your home.

Secure Support Nearby

A top priority for many searching Florida retirement communities is ensuring adequate support is available if required. This is yet another advantage our Bradenton CCRC provides. We have built a trusted reputation for providing secure, compassionate senior care and living options across the state.

Should your needs grow over the years, you can access assisted living, memory care, or nursing care services conveniently provided on our campus – delivered by the same team you have come to know and trust. If treatments take you off-site, you’ll have access to reliable transportation for medical appointments, shopping trips, religious services, and other outings that keep you connected to our vibrant local community.

We handle these details for you, so you can focus on making meaningful memories with your friends and loved ones. When you choose Westminster Point Pleasant as your continuing care retirement community, you gain total confidence that support will be there when you require it.

The Perfect Place to Call Home

As you look ahead to your golden years, few locations compare to the warmth, amenities and security our Bradenton continuing care retirement community affords. We balance independence and choice with support and stability, enabling our residents to fully control how they spend each day. Surrounded by lush tropical landscaping with the shimmering waters of Tampa Bay nearby, our setting nurtures the soul and delights the senses daily.

Here in this idyllic place we call home, you can build the future that dreams are made of. One overflowing with new adventures, new passions, new friendships, and a newfound appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

At Westminster Point Pleasant, let go of worry and embrace the endless possibilities your retirement holds. As you plan for your retirement future, choosing Westminster Point Pleasant as your Florida CCRC ensures you secure the lifestyle, value, convenience and overall peace of mind you deserve.  Learn more about our Bradenton CCRC by contacting us today. Discover why our residents continually share this is the best place to live life to its fullest!

Golf in Our Golden Years: How Playing Improves Health and Social Life in Bradenton Assisted Living

At Westminster Point Pleasant, we believe that an active lifestyle is key to healthy and fulfilling golden years. As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Bradenton, Florida, we emphasize engagement through recreational and social activities tailored to seniors. Golf stands out as one of the best sports for residents of Bradenton assisted living communities. More than just a leisure activity, golf provides physical, cognitive and social benefits that enhance quality of life.

In this article, we discuss why golf is an ideal sport for Bradenton seniors and detail specific ways that hitting the greens improves overall health. We also explore some of the social perks of golf, which prevent isolation and loneliness. Finally, we provide tips for making golf more accessible and enjoyable in our golden years. As an active living community committed to whole-person wellness, we encourage our residents to stay engaged on and off the course.

The Physical Perks: Endurance, Strength and Motor Skills

Golf may seem like a relatively low-impact sport, but a full 18 holes involves a considerable amount of walking and swinging. According to recent studies, the average golfer walks about 7,000 steps over just nine holes. Playing a complete course can provide up to 10,000 steps of moderate cardio in one outing. This makes golf an excellent form of aerobic endurance exercise for older adults.

In addition to increased stamina and circulation, golf also enhances strength and balance. Swinging activates core abdominal and back muscles while challenging stability. The twisting motion engages obliques while the weighted club requires muscular force. This makes an ideal cross-training complement to balance exercises like yoga or tai chi. Golf can also aid the mobility, coordination and fine motor skills that decline with age. From tee to green, a wide range of movements promotes flexibility and dexterity.

The sunshine state climate allows year-round play for Bradenton seniors. Golf provides motivation to stay active during winter months when seniors spend less time outdoors. Regular activity sustains functional independence so residents can continue favorite hobbies over time.

Mental Stimulation and Stress Relief

Along with physical exercise, golf also provides extensive cognitive benefits that keep aging minds sharp. The hand-eye coordination, depth perception, planning and problem-solving involved hone visuospatial processing while stimulating brain plasticity. Players must analyze distance, terrain and environmental factors to strategize each shot. The mental calculations required for scoring taps math skills as players tally strokes. Social exchanges also exercise linguistic and reasoning abilities.

Meanwhile, the immersive focus while golfing promotes psychological well-being. Like meditation, narrowing attention to the present movement and sensations elicits a relaxation response. The rolling outdoors setting also relieves anxiety through nature exposure. Golf alleviates stress in a fun way as players replace daily worries with friendly competition. In assisted living, the sport supplies mental enrichment alongside physical activity to enhance overall wellness. Through improvement across cognitive domains, golf helps maintain self-sufficiency for instrumental activities of daily living.

Camaraderie and Sense of Community

Beyond physical and mental perks, golf also facilitates social connectedness that combats senior isolation. Although golf seems like an individual sport, the game play occurs in a rich social context. Groups consist of two to four golfers who interact throughout the full four hours spent on an 18-hole course. Conversations spark organically with time together in the golf cart between shots. Jokes and encouragement surrounding mishits increases bonding. Clinics and leagues allow for friendly rivalries. After the round, many golfers continue socializing over a meal in the clubhouse.

In retirement living, the built-in community creates ideal opportunities for residents to golf together. Group lessons promote inclusion for beginners. Assisted living staff can organize regular outings to nearby courses as a social activity. Multi-generational family members who golf make for perfect visitors. And while scores and swings may vary across experience levels, all golfers share the collective identity as part of a broader golfing community. These lasting social connections impact overall life satisfaction and emotional health.

Tips for an Enjoyable Golf Experience

While golf clearly benefits older adults, certain age-related changes can pose barriers to an enjoyable experience. Compromised vision, arthritis grip pain and decreased mobility make aspects of golf more challenging. However, assistive equipment, carts and other accommodations expand accessibility so more seniors can partake in this rewarding sport.

Here are our top tips for an optimal golf experience in assisted living:

  • Use larger grips and gloves to ease arthritis hand pain
  • Attach ball collectors to carts to avoid bending down
  • Try spectator golf rules so players skip difficult holes
  • Focus on shorter Par 3 or executive courses
  • Schedule early tee times to avoid midday heat
  • Play 9 holes instead of full 18 for shorter games
  • Join senior golf leagues to find players at similar skill levels

At Westminster Point Pleasant, we prioritize our residents’ independence, health and happiness through an active lifestyle customized to individual abilities and interests. Golf emerges as an ideal sport for Bradenton seniors that ticks all these boxes thanks to its combination of physical exercise, mental stimulation and social connection. Beyond enjoyment and scores, what matters most is that residents continue pursuing beloved hobbies like golfing.

We hope this overview convinces more local retirees and assisted living residents to pick up golf – or a club at least! To learn more about our vibrant senior living community near premier golf courses, visit the Westminster Point Pleasant website or schedule a tour of our Bradenton continuing care retirement facilities. Our dedication to whole-person wellness helps seniors thrive during their golden years.

Retiring in Paradise: The Benefits of Calling Bradenton, FL Home

If you’re considering where to spend your retirement years, look no further than the sunny shores of Bradenton, Florida. As a popular destination for retirees, Bradenton offers the perfect combination of relaxation, amenities, activities and affordability. Making Bradenton your new home means enjoying the laid-back beach town atmosphere while having access to excellent healthcare, entertainment and services.

At the Westminster Point Pleasant senior living community, you can make the most of this tropical paradise. Our community is located right on the Manatee River, so you can watch the boats cruise by from our deck or take in the views during a stroll along the riverwalk. We’re just minutes from the white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island and Palma Sola Bay. Soak up the sun, feel the sea breeze in your hair and build sandcastles with your grandchildren when they come to visit.

In addition to its proximity to stunning natural beauty, Bradenton itself has a charming small town feel. It’s big enough to have all the amenities you need, but small enough to avoid heavy traffic and congestion. The friendly local community has a diverse population, with many activities and events happening year-round. There are local farmer’s markets, live music festivals, art walks and more to enjoy. 

Downtown Bradenton’s Old Main Street is home to unique shops, galleries and restaurants. Stop for lunch at one of the sidewalk cafes or check out the latest exhibit at the Village of the Arts, a community of local artists. Other attractions include the South Florida Museum, the Bishop Planetarium, Robinson Preserve nature area and the iconic DeSoto National Memorial.

Some of the many golf courses in the area include the Tara Golf and Country Club, River Strand Golf and Country Club, and Palm Aire Country Club. Test your skills on championship courses while taking in the lush scenery. Fishing charters depart daily from local marinas, allowing eager anglers to reel in trout, redfish, grouper and more. Kayaking and paddleboarding on the Manatee River are also excellent ways to get out on the water.

The Legacy Trail is a popular paved biking and walking trail running north and south through Bradenton. Extending 14 miles, it connects to the 36 mile Coast-to-Coast trail across central Florida. Walk, run or bike along the trail and experience Florida’s natural beauty.

In addition to outdoor activities, Bradenton also has plenty of shopping, dining and nightlife options. Ellenton Premium Outlets has name brand stores for less, while the Bradenton Riverwalk contains restaurants, bars and stores with a view of the river. After dinner, catch a show at the Manatee Performing Arts Center or see a concert at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. 

At Westminster Point Pleasant, you’ll be part of a vibrant senior living community located right on the riverfront. Our exclusive My W Life well-being program emphasizes healthy living through fitness, intellectual growth, social engagement and spiritual reflection. Stay active at our fitness center, walk the private nature trail or relax by the pool.

Our fitness center is equipped with strength training and cardio equipment to help you stay in shape. Or join a yoga, tai chi, or chair aerobics class tailored for seniors. Our instructors will motivate you to move and meet your fitness goals. When you need a break, our tranquil nature trail offers a peaceful walk along the riverfront. Birdwatch, rest on a bench, and enjoy this natural oasis.

Enjoy chef-prepared meals at our waterfront restaurant with friends and family. Our chefs use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create delicious dishes daily. With two beautiful dining venues, you’ll find a perfect meal every time.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast Buffet or relax with friends over Sunday Brunch. For lunch, enjoy a salad, sandwich or chef’s special with a view of the river. In the evening, join us for formal dining with menu options like prime rib, fresh seafood and handcrafted desserts. With flexible dining hours, restaurant-style menus and daily specials, you’ll look forward to every meal.

Our amenities also include 24-hour security, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, a library and computer center. The Health Resource Center provides resources and activities focused on your personal wellness. With maintenance-free living, you’ll have time to focus on staying active and involved in things you love.

Our 24-hour security team ensures you always feel safe and protected within the community. Let our housekeeping services take care of cleaning and laundry so you can spend time on what matters. Our scheduled transportation makes it easy to get around town, with regular trips for shopping, doctor appointments, religious services and more. 

Stay connected through our computer center and library. Access the internet, read the latest bestsellers, or borrow a DVD. Attend a book club, computer class or lecture to continue learning. Our Health Resource Center helps you stay mentally, physically and emotionally well through programs on chronic disease management, fall prevention, massage therapy and more.

In addition, Westminster Point Pleasant offers a full calendar of events and activities daily. Join a watercolor painting course, trivia night, live musical performance and more. Play billiards, join a card group, use the woodworking shop or garden in the courtyard. With fitness classes, social hours, games nights and group outings, boredom is never a concern. You can be as active and involved as you like.

The Westminster Point Pleasant community offers various housing options to fit your needs. Choose from spacious one and two-bedroom apartments or opt for a villa home with added privacy. All homes include senior-friendly details like walk-in showers, grab bars and emergency systems. 

Our apartments come in a variety of floor plans to match your lifestyle. Enjoy features like a full kitchen or kitchenette, ample closet space, an outdoor patio and weekly housekeeping. For those needing more space and privacy, our villa homes include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage and enclosed outdoor living area. All homes are strategically designed with seniors in mind.

Experience resort-like senior living with services and amenities to make your life easier. We handle yard work, housekeeping, home maintenance and transportation so you can fully enjoy your retirement. With flexible meal plans, varied social activities and health programs, you’ll find everything you need within Westminster Point Pleasant.

Bradenton offers the very best of Florida living with a friendly small town feel. The year-round sunny weather, natural beauty and amenities like Westminster Point Pleasant make it an ideal place to call home during your retirement years. Relax by the water, enjoy chef-prepared meals, make new friends, and focus on your well-being when you join our senior living community. 

Ready to start your retirement journey? Contact Westminster Point Pleasant today to learn more about our senior living community and schedule a tour. Join our family and see why Bradenton is consistently ranked one of the best places to retire in Florida. Your active, carefree lifestyle awaits!

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