How Pool Time Enhances Your Life Plan Community In Bradenton, FL

Spring is swimming season! Well, technically, every season is swimming season here in the Sunshine State — but the return of longer, sun-soaked days means there are even more opportunities to enjoy the classic pastime of swimming from the comfort of Westminster Point Pleasant’s life plan community in Bradenton, FL.

 Here in our cozy corner of Florida’s Gulf Coast, you’ll find not one but two heated outdoor pools to choose from, each with a beautiful backdrop that’s sure to inspire a relaxing splash session. Ever since we were kids, pool days have been fun — but did you know they boast several serious mind-and-body benefits, too? Just read on as we share a few pool perks to keep in mind during your spring and summer swims! Exercise For All We think that fun and fitness should go hand in hand — and the pool just so happens to be a perfect example of this. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy some exercise here when the exercise feels, well, like play? That’s the thing about swimming for fitness: It’s much easier on the joints and muscles than other workouts tend to be, making it a more accessible form of fitness — even for people with arthritis, according to the CDC! Swimming is a great form of aerobic activity that promotes lasting benefits, well after you’ve dried off and returned home. A Boost To Bone Health The CDC adds that post-menopausal women can improve or maintain their bone health by swimming! Protection Against Chronic Illness Doing an aerobic activity like swimming for 2.5 hours a week can lessen the risk of chronic illness, according to the CDC. Don’t Forget Mental Health While we’ve largely been focusing on the physical benefits of a good swim session, we’d be remiss not to mention the mental ones as well! Exposure to blue spaces, like a beautiful body of water, has been shown to promote a positive mood and less stress — which probably isn’t too surprising for anyone who’s ever spent time at their local pool. The CDC adds that swimming can reduce anxiety, and warm-water exercise therapy, specifically, can be a real mood-booster. Pool Pals Of course, one of the biggest benefits of spending time at the pool is the people! The pool provides a cool, refreshing backdrop to catching up with friends or meeting new ones. Yes, you can absolutely do your laps and enjoy a swim session on your own — but if you’re a social butterfly, then don’t stop at the butterfly stroke! Gather at the pool on a regular basis, or simply show up and say “hi” to your fellow swimmers. Any way you do it, it’s clear that a trip to the pool can recharge your social battery in a meaningful way. An afternoon at the pool may seem like a just-for-fun activity — but as today’s guide proves, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface as well! We hope that these pool perks inspire you to visit one of Westminster Point Pleasant’s stunning swimming pools today.

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