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Put your learning caps on to stay first in your class

At Westminster Point Pleasant, keep your pencils sharp and keep on learning

Challenging your mind is one of the eight dimensions in our exclusive My W Life wellbeing program. We encourage you to keep expanding your awareness of the world around you. We will challenge your mind with creative ideas and activities. Westminster Point Pleasant offers access to a wide range of great courses through an innovative partnership with the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy. Sharpen your pencils to learn something new – here’s just a few examples:

  • “The American Civil War”: Discover the American conflict that nearly split our nation apart. Dissect causes and reasons for the war, looking at events, politicians, and generals of the time, as well as inventions and weapons used. Examine the campaigns and battles, and study the aftermath of the war, including how its wounds have still not healed.
  • “Galileo’s Trial”: Find out the history of astronomy leading up to the great astronomer, what he discovered, how he got into trouble with the Roman Inquisition, and how his case was finally resolved.
  • “Little-Known Clever Creatures of Florida”: Florida Master Naturalist Alice Newlon will discuss some of the good, the bad, and the clever creatures that make up Florida’s wildlife. Learn to look at Florida’s unique birds, frogs, and turtles in a whole new light.

Find out where you can stash your cap and gown at Westminster Point Pleasant! Call us today at (877) 399-0309 or click here to contact us.

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