Achieve Year-Round Vacation Vibes While Assisted Living In Bradenton, Florida

In our charming little slice of the Sunshine State, the idea of “golden years” takes on a totally new meaning. It’s about more than sunny days and balmy nights (and we do love those!) but a unique opportunity to live every day with the zest and spirit of a long, fun-filled vacation. Here at Westminster Point Pleasant’s independent and assisted living facility in Bradenton, Florida, you’ll find that every detail of our community was designed to emulate the feel of a deluxe getaway.

While we’ve supplied the backdrop to your endless “staycation,” you bring the imagination! Just read on as we explore some fun ways to enjoy year-round vacation vibes at Westminster Point Pleasant, this spring and all year long.

Waterfront Walks

The sound of the waves and the sight of the sunrise provide a peaceful start to your day — not unlike a serene holiday morning! It’s also a great way to stay active and engage with nature, getting your day off to an energetic start.

Pool Fun

At Westminster Point Pleasant, you can enjoy some quality H2O time at our two heated outdoor pools. Bring a good book, do some reinvigorating aerobic exercises, or simply enjoy the tranquility of floating in the water! This splashing heart of the community is a natural place to gather and lean into getaway mode.

Grab A Bite Al Fresco

We have two gorgeous waterfront dining venues, so you can always enjoy the carefree spirit of a breezy vacation meal!

You can also visit a local farmers market or prepare a bright, refreshing meal in your own kitchen and enjoy it as a picnic — another vacation staple.

Broaden Your Horizons

In addition to taking a scenic stroll around Westminster Point Pleasant, you can always take a day trip to local attractions. Our corner of Florida is home to numerous parks and trails that invite exploration, with several options depending on your preferred activity level. Get to know the Gulf Coast region at a leisurely pace — because unlike a traditional vacation, there’s no plane to catch or bags to pack. You’re already home!

Get Artsy

Florida’s rich cultural scene offers endless opportunities for exploration. You can visit local museums, and art galleries — but you can also lean into your artsy side right at home, finding inspiration in the beautiful hues of our coastal community.

Write Your Story

Living like you’re on vacation includes piecing together special memories from your travels — so why not do the same at home? Start a journal or blog to document your adventures, thoughts, and experiences. You can share it, or keep it just for you. Either way, writing can be a therapeutic activity that allows you to reflect on the beauty of your daily life!

Day Trips

There’s a lot of Florida to see! Organize outings with friends or family to explore new areas you’ve never been before. Visit historical sites, take a boat tour, or explore a new neighborhood. These mini-adventures can break up your routine and infuse your life with a sense of vacation-like excitement.

DIY Spa Session

You can create a spa-esque experience in your own home with facials, a DIY sound bath, and other grounding techniques! A personal pamper session can have restorative ripple effects you’ll feel in the days and weeks that follow.

A Relaxing Routine

Need some help adopting a truly vacation-ready mindset? Try adding yoga or meditation into your daily routine! Whether you do this through a fitness class or at-home practice to start the day, this can help you maintain flexibility, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity — similar to how you feel after returning from a rejuvenating getaway.

Lifelong Learning

When we were kids, “vacation” usually meant a break from the books. But now, we know that learning for learning’s sake is itself a privilege worth relishing on vacation! Whether you bring a book to read outside, or enroll in a course at the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy, you’ll be doing something meaningful for your mental wellbeing — not to mention fun!

Like the best vacation, there’s no rulebook on how to spend your day at Westminster Point Pleasant! This spring and all year long, we hope these ideas help fuel the fun as you explore your one-of-a-kind community.

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