Planning for the Future: Why a Bradenton CCRC Makes Sense

As we enter our retirement years, most of us find ourselves thinking more about the future than ever before. We consider not only how we will spend this exciting new chapter, but also how we can protect both our health and financial security during our golden years. This is why many Florida retirees and those planning ahead choose to call Westminster Point Pleasant home.

As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) located right here in beautiful Bradenton, we offer residents the opportunity to live comfortably and independently now, while safeguarding access to higher levels of care should they ever need it. With a focus on wellness, choice, and convenience, Westminster provides everything needed to make our residents’ futures bright.

The Value of Continuing Care

The first reason Bradenton seniors may find a CCRC like Westminster Point Pleasant appealing is the unmatched value of continuing care. Unlike other types of senior living, CCRCs allow you to secure access to a full continuum of care for the rest of your life with just one contract. This can provide invaluable peace of mind.

Within our welcoming community, you can choose from various residential living options based on your current lifestyle and budget. And if your needs change over time due to chronic illness or injury, you will have priority access to assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing services located right on our campus. You do not need to worry about being asked to move again.

This model protects you from unexpected healthcare costs down the road. By paying one upfront entrance fee and predictable monthly fees, you can calculate expenses accurately and gain financial safeguards. With continuing care at Westminster Point Pleasant, everything required for a secure future is handled for you.

Staying Active in Florida

Another reason our Bradenton continuing care retirement community stands apart is our focus on healthy living. We want our residents to make the most out of their retirement by staying active, engaged, and well – something the Florida lifestyle supports beautifully.

Our community was designed with wellness in mind, complete with a fitness center, two swimming pools, Health Resource Center, and more. We offer fitness classes for all levels and abilities, nutritional guidance and education, and convenient on-site healthcare when needed. Our residents consistently share how involved and energized they feel living at Westminster Point Pleasant.

We also understand how vital a rich social life is as we get older. Our community brings people together through events ranging from guest lectures to parties to day trips showcasing this fantastic region we call home. With so many ways to pursue your passions and interact with your peers right outside your door, you will never find yourself bored or lonely when living at our CCRC.

Customizable Living Spaces

What also attracts local seniors to our Bradenton continuing care retirement community are the customizable living spaces built for convenience and comfort. Our residences were thoughtfully laid out to make daily living effortless while remaining highly personalized.

In our apartment buildings, choose from a variety of one and two-bedroom floor plans featuring ample living areas. Thoughtful security features offer an extra level of safety and confidence within your home.

Secure Support Nearby

A top priority for many searching Florida retirement communities is ensuring adequate support is available if required. This is yet another advantage our Bradenton CCRC provides. We have built a trusted reputation for providing secure, compassionate senior care and living options across the state.

Should your needs grow over the years, you can access assisted living, memory care, or nursing care services conveniently provided on our campus – delivered by the same team you have come to know and trust. If treatments take you off-site, you’ll have access to reliable transportation for medical appointments, shopping trips, religious services, and other outings that keep you connected to our vibrant local community.

We handle these details for you, so you can focus on making meaningful memories with your friends and loved ones. When you choose Westminster Point Pleasant as your continuing care retirement community, you gain total confidence that support will be there when you require it.

The Perfect Place to Call Home

As you look ahead to your golden years, few locations compare to the warmth, amenities and security our Bradenton continuing care retirement community affords. We balance independence and choice with support and stability, enabling our residents to fully control how they spend each day. Surrounded by lush tropical landscaping with the shimmering waters of Tampa Bay nearby, our setting nurtures the soul and delights the senses daily.

Here in this idyllic place we call home, you can build the future that dreams are made of. One overflowing with new adventures, new passions, new friendships, and a newfound appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

At Westminster Point Pleasant, let go of worry and embrace the endless possibilities your retirement holds. As you plan for your retirement future, choosing Westminster Point Pleasant as your Florida CCRC ensures you secure the lifestyle, value, convenience and overall peace of mind you deserve.  Learn more about our Bradenton CCRC by contacting us today. Discover why our residents continually share this is the best place to live life to its fullest!

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