Celebrating The Planet At Your Life Plan Community In Bradenton, FL

Even though Earth Day only happens once a year, who says the planet love has to stop after April 22? Here at Westminster Point Pleasant’s life plan community in Bradenton, FL, we’re privileged to have a front-row seat to the majesty of nature — the sparkling waterways, the lush greenery, the proximity to sugar-sand beaches and vibrant mangrove escapes without ever venturing far from home. And that’s not even to mention the wildlife that abounds — the abundance of gorgeous seabirds that graze the surface, the intelligent marine mammals that swim below it.

Then the weather — oh, the weather! Our slice of the Sunshine State is blessed with lots of, well, sunshine — but even when it takes a turn for rain or storms, the colorful skies and cloud formations that appear in their wake looks unlike anything else in the entire country.

Suffice to say, we’re proud to call Bradenton “home,” and want to help our residents find special ways to celebrate the planet — and our corner of it — all year long. Just read on for some of our favorite ideas!

Go Swimming

The Earth is nicknamed “The Blue Planet” thanks to its abundance of H2O. In fact, nearly 75% of the planet is covered with it! So perhaps it’s not surprising that floating in refreshing water — like one of Westminster Point Pleasant’s two swimming pools — can help you feel connected to the planet in a meaningful way.

Explore The Great Outdoors

In addition to going swimming, there are many ways for Westminster Point Pleasant residents to get out and explore the great outdoors — such as strolling through the community, having a breezy picnic with our grab-and-go fare, enjoying a bike ride, and so much more.

Take Part In A Local Community Beautification Project

From local trash pickup events, to waterway cleanups, to mural painting projects, there’s always something going on for those who want to donate their time to the beautiful community (and, on a larger scale, planet) they call “home.” These events don’t just help you care for the planet, but also help you connect with likeminded neighbors and have some fun I the process!

Plant A Tree Virtually

Westminster Point Pleasant is proud to be a maintenance-free community — but that shouldn’t have to stop you from planting a tree to do the planet some good! Opportunities such as the United States Department of Agriculture’s Plant-a-Tree program give you a way to donate a tree to be planted somewhere special — and in fact, you can even dedicate it to someone special.

Look For Sustainable Activities

From recycling to composting, there’s no shortage of meaningful ways to practice sustainability in your everyday life. ‘Tis the season of spring cleaning, after all — so if you have excess clutter to go through, this can be a great time to make donations to loved ones or embark upon a repurposing project (such as turning old t-shirt into a meaningful quilt). Small acts of sustainability add up, and can help you show the planet some love from the comfort of home!

Learn About The Planet We Call “Home”

Here at Westminster Point Pleasant, we offer educational opportunities via the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy — so if you want to learn more about our one-of-a-kind planet, this is the place to do it! You can also get some extracurricular studying done at our library and computer center, where the pursuit of knowledge is more attainable than ever. After all, there’s nothing quite like understanding our planet to help you appreciate it even more!

We hope that today’s ideas help you find new ways to fall in love with the planet every day! Of course, from our vantage point here at stunning Bradenton, that’s not hard to do. Plus, research shows that spending time in the outdoors is linked to a host of benefits for your mind and body — so heading outside and helping the planet is helping you, too!

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