Making a Move to Independent Living? Look for These 4 Features

Moving into an independent living community is a big step that involves thorough research and planning. When you’re looking into independent living for yourself or an older family member, it’s important to know what you should consider. 

There are certain features that set one community apart from another, including dining options, health services, and more. These are features that will help you or your loved one lead their best life in independent living. Learn what features are important to look out for when finding a new independent living community.

4 Features You’ll Want for Independent Living in Bradenton, Florida

Are you looking into new independent living options for yourself or a senior loved one? Features like transportation services and housekeeping are essential for older adults in senior living communities. Check out four of the most important features you’ll want to look for in a new independent living community.

1. Health Resources

As you age, you are more likely to develop certain ongoing health concerns. This is why it’s important for older adults to have access to health services in their independent living community. Many of these communities offer certain on-site health services that can assist with overall well-being. 

If you are independent living in Bradenton, Florida, you may also have access to things like nutritional programs, fitness centers, and physical therapy services. Some communities offer home delivery of your prescriptions and transportation to outside doctor appointments.

2. Transportation Options

Another important feature of your independent living community is transportation services. Many senior adults are no longer driving and cannot act as their own transportation. You should look for a community that offers scheduled transportation options. This is essential for making it to doctor’s appointments, visiting with loved ones, and other engagements. 

Before committing to an independent living facility, speak with community representatives about their transportation services. Is there a local bus that stops within the community? Will you have access to taxis and rideshare options? You want to make sure that there are multiple transportation choices to meet your needs.

3. Housekeeping Services

Keeping your home clean is a chore at any age, but it becomes increasingly difficult as you get older. Mobility issues and other health concerns can make it hard to keep your living space clean and organized. While these issues can make housekeeping difficult, it’s still essential to keep a clean home for your overall well-being.

A cluttered, dirty home can lead to a number of health concerns for senior adults, including an increased risk of falls and breathing difficulties. This is why housekeeping services are an important feature of an independent living community. Housekeeping services allow you to maintain a tidy, organized home without struggling to clean it yourself.

4. Dining Plans

One of the best features when you are independent living in Bradenton, Florida, is the multitude of dining plans. When you choose a new independent living community, take a look at what they offer for dining. Are there on-site restaurants and cafes to choose from? Is there a meal delivery program for seniors with limited mobility? 

Many communities will have on-site dining establishments, cafeterias, and grocery stores for their residents. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from when you’re planning meals. Some communities even provide home delivery of meal kits or groceries so that you can get ingredients and pantry items delivered right to your doorstep!

In addition to on-site dining options, many independent living communities are located close to a large selection of outdoor establishments. This gives you access to nearby restaurants, cafes, and other dining options to explore.

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