3 Simple Design Ideas to Customize Small Senior Spaces

If you or a loved one are moving to an independent living facility, you’re probably searching for ways to customize the smaller space and make it feel like home. 

There are lots of ways to make your new home comfortable and unique while maximizing the area. Below are three tips for customizing the small senior space that you shouldn’t overlook. 

1. Choose the Right Furniture

One of the most important parts of customizing any small space is picking the right furniture. Whether you’re preparing a new area for yourself or a loved one, selecting furniture is one of the first steps. 

Look for pieces that work well in smaller spaces, like a round coffee table instead of a rectangular one. A round table is easy to walk around and leaves space for an extra chair. Also, going with a glass table over a wooden one will open up the space well and make it appear larger, thanks to the translucent material.

When it comes to small senior spaces, down-scaling your furniture is the name of the game. Choosing smaller versions of typical furniture can maximize your space and still provide you with all of the same comforts you’re used to. 

Many furniture manufacturers have started rolling out showcases designed specifically for small senior spaces, so look to see what’s available. However, keep in mind that everything looks smaller when it’s inside a large furniture store, so make sure you know the measurements of your new space before you start shopping. 

2. Define Your Independent Living in Bradenton, FL, Space

A great way to make your small space seem larger and more personalized is to give each area or room a unique decor style. When it comes to independent living in Bradenton, FL, or an assisted living facility, small senior spaces are made to be customized.

To define each of your rooms, use specific color schemes or decorating motifs. You can also create distinct areas even if you don’t have different rooms to work with. Try using room dividers or wall curtains to create separate spaces and customize each area uniquely. 

Remember, lighter colors will open up a room or area, so if you’re trying to make your smaller space appear larger, try painting your walls a color like beige or eggshell. 

3. Create a Focal Point

You may not know this, but one of the oldest secrets to decorating small spaces for independent living in Bradenton, FL, is creating a focal point with a large piece of art. 

It’s amazing how a big piece on your wall can tie the whole place together and make it seem larger as well. When it comes to customizing small senior spaces, this is a trick that can’t be overlooked. 

You can pick any piece that speaks to you – a map, a painting, or even a rug hanging on the wall. No matter what you choose, visitors’ eyes will be drawn to the art, so make sure it’s something spectacular!

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