The Best Devices and Apps to Keep in Touch with Family

A significant portion of retirement communities are individuals past sixty-five years of age. They are at a stage where they can enjoy their new profound freedom, like freedom from doing house chores and cooking. Since these individuals are mostly separated from their families, communication is necessary to eliminate loneliness and ensure they maintain good mental health. Here are the best devices and apps for residents of assisted living facilities in Bradenton, Florida to help them keep in touch with their loved ones.


BeClose is one of the most innovative technologies available to residents of Bradenton assisted living. It uses discreet wireless sensors to track an older adult’s daily routine, and the caregiver can check on the data using a secure web page at their convenience. An email, phone, or text alert is sent to the caregiver in case of any disruptions. The fact that the entire system is wireless makes it very easy to set up and operate.

The GrandCare System

The GrandCare system is another innovation that has transformed the care routine in a few Bradenton, Florida assisted living facilities. It runs on a wireless system and connects to any dedicated internet connection to communicate with sensors located in the senior’s residence. The caregiver gains control of multiple aspects like viewing activity, sending communications to their loved ones, and customizing its alerts. It is ideal for residents in Bradenton assisted living  because the caregiver can get alerts on things such as unusual activity.

Great Call Responder

Great Call Responder is a wireless mobile device that allows for tracking and protecting the elderly, and it is common in some Bradenton assisted living institutions. It is a joint effort with a five-star urgent response rate and a small GPS-enabled responder attached to either a keychain, backpack, or purse. This device helps you keep in touch with your loved one by sending out alerts to family members and emergency response teams when pressed. Regardless of your situation, you can get immediate assistance in assisted living in Bradenton, Florida if you have this device.

Bradenton assisted living is even easier with devices like these that make communication between caregivers, family members, and the senior community such a breeze. These devices and apps utilize technology to create a perfect environment for seniors to relax and have peace of mind while receiving the necessary attention.

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