5 Tips for Smart Home Assistants

For assisted living in Bradenton, Florida, it’s the thrill of being able to arrive home and control lights, speakers, and security systems with a few words and a couple of taps. You built your smart home because you wanted convenience and flexibility. Here are three tips to make smart home technology work in an assisted living program.

Find and Eliminate Dead Spots

Dead spots occur wherever there are places your internet service cannot reach. Dead spots mean repeated incidents where you can be somewhere and have no service, leading to a whirlwind of connectivity issues for your network. Running into interference or allowing greater distances to interfere will slow down your entire network operation. So, consider updating your firmware, making sure everything’s attached correctly, and that there are no signals interfering with your smart home setup.

Minimize Battery Life

Pushing your batteries to the limits and not charging them correctly could be draining your wallet when you think of the energy costs getting flushed down the drain. Charging devices should be switched to airplane mode. More battery is used when multiple applications are open at once. This is especially true with video applications or those that consume large amounts of media and data to operate. Industry experts recommend not overcharging your devices and charging them slowly if possible can help you reduce the need to recharge your devices.

Get Reliable Internet Service

Reliable and fast internet service is a must in Bradenton assisted living. You should be able to connect to the internet quickly and remain connected without drops in the connection. According to internet experts from reviews.org, it’s best if smaller families with average smart home use to use 100 Mbps, while smart home users working their systems to the max should stick with 940 to 1,000 Mbps. The right speed matters depending on your primary reasons for building a smart home setup. Should you bring gaming equipment into an assisted living facility, you’d need more. But perhaps less if you need only lighting and extra security.

For serious smart home users in assisted living in Bradenton, having a wide range of components will make building a smart home system a less complex task. 

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