5 Ways to Ease the Transition into an Assisted Living Lifestyle

Transitioning to assisted living in Bradenton, Florida is typically a highly recommended step in protecting the health and well-being of seniors and their families. Read on to discover five ways to ease the transition of your loved ones into assisted living in Bradenton, Florida.

Mentally Prepare Yourself 

Regardless of how long you’ve been planning to move your loved one to a skilled nursing facility in Bradenton, FL, or a facility dedicated to assisted living in Sarasota, Florida, there may still be some anxiety and concern.

There’ll never be a time when you’re entirely prepared for a transfer, so make use of everyone around you, your internet connections, caregivers, and anyone who inspires you for the much-needed help.

Downsize When Transitioning

Relocating to assisted living in Bradenton – or other locations – and the subsequent downsizing can be a stressful process for all parties involved, even if you’ve only lived together for a few years. Determine which items will be necessary for your parents’ new home versus those that can be thrown, kept, passed down, or donated as early as possible to make them less emotional.

Make Their Room Warm and Inviting 

At a memory care facility in Bradenton, make the room as comfortable and welcoming as possible. A comfy room usually puts their minds at ease and allows them to begin acclimating to the new environment. Try to reproduce the original living environment and organize the objects in the same way possible.

Encourage Participation 

Whatever activity regularly stimulates your aging parent, an assisted living facility in Bradenton usually has something to fill that void. Please encourage them to attend and engage in various community events as soon as they move in, which will benefit them both physically and emotionally.

Make Family Visits a Priority

When parents know they’ll see familiar faces often, it’s a significant relief. Please make arrangements with various family members and hang a calendar in your parents’ new living area so they know when to expect each visit.

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