This Florida Manatee Season, Get to Know the Gentle “Sea Cow”

Any time you move to a new location, you naturally want to get to know the neighbors! Here at Westminster Point Pleasant, located on the beautiful Manatee River, we think that applies to the friendly aquatic “neighbors” for which our waterway is named. That’s right—today, we’re learning all about manatees.

Just read on to meet the gentle, slow-moving manatee, and how to enjoy wildlife watching from our premier Bradenton assisted living facility!

What’s in a name?
As you might already know, Westminster Point Pleasant sits along the Manatee River—which, along with Manatee County, is named after the friendly mammal who calls it “home.” Manatees love shallow, brackish water, so it makes sense that they would flock to our sunny slice of the Gulf Coast.

Swimming “snowbirds”

Manatees, much like migrating birds and Florida’s seasonal residents nicknamed “snowbirds,” love to come to the Sunshine State during winter, and manatee season runs from November through March! They can be found in local waters all year, of course, but are especially abundant as they try to escape cooler waters throughout the Southern United States.

Family ties

The manatee, with an average weight of about 1,000 pounds, may be nicknamed “sea cow” thanks to its size, calm demeanor, and tendency to graze on underwater vegetation. However, this unique animal’s closest relative is actually the elephant! Seeing a manatee in the wild, then, is like getting a peek at an underwater savannah of sorts. Manatees may not have trunks, of course, but their snout peeking above the surface, H2O bubbling as they breathe in air, is one of the first glimpses you’ll get of this beautiful animal.

How to meet a manatee

Speaking of seeing manatees…

You can sometimes spot manatees right from the shoreline, but getting on the water is an even more fun way to encounter one (or several!). Kayaking is a great way to do this, as you can move at a slow, manatee-friendly pace while observing manatees, birds and other animals in their natural environment.

This manatee season and all year long, our waterfront environs provide plenty of opportunities for sightseeing! Live like you’re on vacation and learn more about calling Westminster Point Pleasant “home” today.

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